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Soiling reduces the current global solar power production by at least 3%–4%, and by 2023 is estimated to negatively effect the global solar power production by € 7 billion. We provide an affordable, compact and cost effective solution to this problem and act as your assurance to a sustainable energy production.

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We provide a cost effective and scalable solar monitoring solution, called SUNCheck. We developed the disruptive solution by combining intelligent hardware, software and AI algorithms to identify potential performance degradations and to help you maximise the return on your investment in solar energy harvesting.

Continuous monitoring

Monitors the efficiency of your PV system and calculates expected energy production.

Optimized maintenance

Determines the degree of pollution of PV Modules. Calculates degradation of your system and optimum cleaning intervals.

Maximised economics

Increase revenue; peace of mind knowing that you're at your peak performance. Decrease costs; complete maintenance when and where it is needed.

Intelligent dashboard

Powerful reporting dashboard allowing for effective and engaging data analytics, including historic and real time performance assessememnts.


The proprietary platform (SUNCheck) aggregates data from 3 sources: The PV system, the weather satellites and the proprietary sensor. The data is securely uploaded into our cloud, where it is processed in real time. Our AI algorithms and data intelligence platform analyses the output data and identifies any performance degradation. Automatic alarms are triggered in case of any degradation issues and required maintenance.

Data acquisition

Aggregates data from weather satellite, sensor and PV system inverter. The data is securely uploaded into our cloud, where it is processed in real time.

AI analysis

Self learning algorithms identify data patterns and irregularities. Advanced dashboards and reporting tools allow for detailed, real time assessment of the system if necessary.

Daily action items

Customisable analytics, reporting and alarms in case of degradation. Automatic alarms are triggered in case of any degradation issues and required maintenance.


million € annual revenue losses by 2023 due to soiling


The proprietary and patented PV monitoring platform provides a wide range of advantages.

Multi sources

The system acquires data from weather satellites, the SUNCheck sensor and invertor of the PV system.

Easy setup

Self powered sensor. No cabling required, no moving parts. Data transfer via local WiFi.

Cloud & SaaS

Web based interface and dashboard, accessible any time on any device.

No maintenance

Fully autonomous, no maintenance required. It is "set and forget".

Secure & reliable

99.5% availability. The SUNCheck sensor is solar powered and receives remote updates.


Customisable and real time messages in case of system degradation and soiling issues.

Modular & scalable

For small and medium size PV installations. Can be used in combination with satellite data only or with sensor.

Fast & Intuitive

Fast and intuitive user experience with customisable dashboard and system overview.

Analytics suite

Sun Energy Solutions provides an integrated, web based analytics solutions optimized for all browsers and mobile. The solutions enables real time analytics, overall system health assessment including various performance parameters and expected energy production.

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Health Index


Energy Output


Real Time Data






Real Time Data


Why SUNCheck

We offer a fully automated PV monitoring solution, tailored to residential and commercial PV installations. Unlike solutions of many other providers, our solution is easy to use, completely autonomous and cost effective.

  • Peace of mind, assuring your system operates at peak output
  • Monitors the efficiency of your PV system
  • Calculates the degradation of your plant and modules
  • Calculates the expected energy production
  • Measures the level of soiling and related production loss
  • Calculates optimum cleaning intervals, optimises maintenance costs
  • Optimises production output and financial return of PV system
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Pricing Model

Modular pricing tailored to the requirements of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The setup of the system is easy and straigth forward:
    Step 1) Define system setup; option tu use satellite only or in combination with sensor for improved accuracy.
    Step 2) Install the sensor (if chosen) next to your PV system and connect to WiFi.
    Step 3) Configure setup of PV installation (capacity, location and position) in web client.
    Step 4) Start monitoring. The system will automatically inform you in case of degradation and performance issues.

  • To use Sun Energy Solution's monitoring service you pay a SaaS (Software as a Service) license fee of CHF 9.90 per month, payable on a monthly or annual basis. The Sensor Hardwarde, which is installed next to your PV System can be pruchased at CHF 350.- one-off price. No cabling is required as the sensor is fully atonomous, powered by solar and connected to your WiFi. It does not require any maintenance.

  • The analytics platforma is web based, supporting all major web browser and further is optimized for mobile usage.

  • Protecting the data you trust to Sun Energy Solution is our first priority. Sun Energy System uses physical, procedural, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. We regularly back up your data to prevent data loss and aid in recovery. Additionally, we host data in secure SSAE 16 / SOC1 certified data centers, implement firewalls and access restrictions on our servers to better protect your information, and work with third party security researchers to ensure our practices are secure.

  • The sensor is based on proprietary technology, developed and patented by Sun Energy Solutions. It is mounted next to your PV installation to collect irradiation and temperature data, which is automatically uploaded via WiFi to the SUNCheck cloud in real time.


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